Tailwind Dropdown Blade Component

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Example of List dropdown, panel position on right


Example of Checkbox dropdown, panel position on left

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Blade Component Class


namespace App\View\Components;

use Illuminate\View\Component;

class Dropdown extends Component
     * The dropwdown name.
     * @var string
    public $name;

     * The dropdown options.
     * @var string
    public $options;

     * Dropdown panel position
    public $panelPosition;

     * List or checkboxes
    public $type;

     * Create a new component instance.
     * @return void
    public function __construct($name, $options, $panelPosition = 'left', $type = 'list')
        $this->name = $name;
        $this->options = $options;
        if($panelPosition == 'left'){
            $this->panelPosition = 'right';
        if($panelPosition == 'right'){
            $this->panelPosition = 'left';
        $this->type = $type;


     * Get the view / contents that represent the component.
     * @return \Illuminate\Contracts\View\View|\Closure|string
    public function render()
        return view('components.dropdown');

Blade Component View File

<div {{ $attributes }}>
    <div class="relative inline-block text-left"
            open: false,
            toggle() {
                if (this.open) {
                    return this.close()
                this.open = true
            close(focusAfter) {
                this.open = false
                focusAfter && focusAfter.focus()
        x-on:focusin.window="! $refs.panel.contains($event.target) && close()"
            class="inline-flex justify-center w-full rounded-md border border-gray-300 shadow-sm px-4 py-2 bg-white text-sm font-medium text-gray-700 hover:bg-gray-50 focus:outline-none focus:ring-2 focus:ring-offset-2 focus:ring-offset-gray-100 focus:ring-indigo-500" id="menu-button" aria-expanded="true" aria-haspopup="true">
        <!-- Heroicon name: solid/chevron-down -->
        <svg class="-mr-1 ml-2 h-5 w-5" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 20 20" fill="currentColor" aria-hidden="true">
            <path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M5.293 7.293a1 1 0 011.414 0L10 10.586l3.293-3.293a1 1 0 111.414 1.414l-4 4a1 1 0 01-1.414 0l-4-4a1 1 0 010-1.414z" clip-rule="evenodd" />

    <div  x-ref="panel"
            style="display: none;"
            class="origin-top-right absolute {{$panelPosition}}-0 mt-2 w-56 rounded-md shadow-lg bg-white ring-1 ring-black ring-opacity-5 focus:outline-none" role="menu" aria-orientation="vertical" aria-labelledby="menu-button" tabindex="-1">
            <div class="py-1" role="none">
                   <!-- Active: "bg-gray-100 text-gray-900", Not Active: "text-gray-700" -->
                   @foreach($options as $key => $option)
                      @if($type == 'link')
                         <a href="#" x-on:click="close($refs.button)" class="text-gray-800 font-medium no-underline block px-4 py-2 text-sm font-semibold" role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" id="menu-item-{{$key}}">{{$option}}</a>
                      @if($type == 'checkbox')
                      <div class="relative flex items-start ml-3 my-2">
                      <div class="flex items-center h-5">
                         <input id="{{$name}}-{{$key}}"  value="{{$key}}" aria-describedby="comments-description" name="{{$name}}-{{$key}}" type="checkbox" class="focus:ring-indigo-500 h-4 w-4 text-indigo-600 border-gray-300 rounded">
                      <div class="ml-3 text-sm">
                          <label for="{{$name}}-{{$key}}" class="font-medium font-semibold text-gray-800">{{$option}}</label>


To render the blade component you can use the blade component class name followed by x-, you'll also have to pass the options to the component.

You can pass what type of panel your dropdown shows, either links or checkboxes.

<x-dropdown name="Options" :options="['Orange', 'Banana', 'Apple']" panelPosition="left" type="checkbox"/>

<x-dropdown name="Options" :options="['Orange', 'Banana', 'Apple']" panelPosition="left" type="link"/>

You can reuse the component multiple times on the same page.